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bdStudios is a design partnership that embraces diverse points of view with a common vision - To create products that serve the needs of our customers, inspire the market with new approaches and protect our world through responsible design. 

As founders we couldn’t be more different.  While we’re both trained in industrial design – One from California the other from Tehran - We come from completely different worlds.  Our different generations, different cultures, different influences and interests all combine to be a dynamic design team that brings a compassionate world view to our projects. 

We have over 40 years of combined multi-faceted experience in business and product development. Our projects are selected from both in-house inspiration and clients who seek to grow through innovative new product development.


bruce backer

Has experience in developing award winning designs for the exhibition and environment field.  He has several patents and trademarks in his name and is well versed in the process of obtaining Intellectual Property protection.  He founded Exponents Inc. which became an internationally respected exhibit design and manufacturing company.  He is recognized for developing several innovative exhibit systems that have had a lasting impact on exhibit design and changed the industry.  Including his responsibilities as CEO of Exponents, he directed the new product development from 1982 to 2009. He sold the company to a multi-national exhibit firm in 2009 and served as its Innovation Officer.  This business and manufacturing experience gives him an important insight and ability to expand businesses using strategic evaluation of current market conditions that lead to new innovations and product design.

mona dehshid

Has experience in all facets of research and development from initial concept through marketing.  Her ability to engage with her clients and understand their needs is central to delivering complete design solutions. She has been acknowledged for many successful product launches. She traveled internationally to train design and sales channels. She is driven by the belief that through design we can achieve a larger purpose and simplify the lives of people. This caring extends to the communities who are struggling to survive while maintaining their cultural heritage. She reenergizes by spending time enjoying the outdoors, skiing, hiking and biking.

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