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Lumiture and L2

Designed for large-scale branding environments.  Building with light is the idea behind Lumiture™ and L2™.  These simple architectural forms designed with integral illumination introduced a new concept to the display and event industry.  These systems, adapt to different marketing environments using large format graphics and a selection of modular furniture, display fixtures and lighting. This enables designers and customers to reuse and repurpose the investment for many years.

Designed for:​


Designed to adapt to the changing needs of exhibitors after the bust of the dot-com craze and the beginning of the recession in 2001. The new demands were to reduce the total costs and justify the value of tradeshows. The Luminents solution lowered construction, transportation and installation costs while introducing new presentation methods and the new “style”  that stood out on the show floor.  This modular solution made measuring the ROI easier with lowered costs and more sales contacts. This was a completely new approach for exhibits by combining illuminated architectural and display elements with large format graphics in a modular system.  

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Lumiture™, L2™ and Luminents™ are products and trademarks of Exponents an Insta worldwide group compony

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